Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Lexi's Urban Decay Giveaway(NOT MINE)

Everyone i just want to announce that Lexi is having an amzing giveaway on a bunch of urban decay products including 

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Newbies Makeup

Newbies makeup

Hello all! This post is going to show you the basics or what to get if you are just starting out with makeup(sorta like me!) Start out with drugstore makeup. It's a good price for what you need for now and you can always buy more price makeup like Mac, later on.
Please note: All photos were taking by me with my Sony vyber-shot DSC- W530 camera.(except for the covergirl  concealer because I didn't have any at the time but it is what i usually use) This i just my guide, use whatever your beautiful heart desires.
 xoxox happy blogging Mel


foundation is used to even out your skin tone, and make your skin look flawless! I personally don't think its necessary to for beginners. Most people don't really need foundation unless you have a lot of acne, red spots etc..Start out with the basics listed below and  as you get more experienced with makeup maybe give it a go then!


Concealer truly is a great product for beginners. Why? Because it is used for small things such as pimples, acne, and under eye circles. The concealer I use is the Covergirl TRUblend concealer. It works great with hiding acne without irritating skin. just remember to find your perfect match for your skin tone.


 Eyeshadow is what you place on your eyelids to make your eyes stand out. Start with natural colours. NYX is a great brand that can be found at some drugstores. The colors pallet i use is . it has great natural colours that you can pair up easily. These are the colors Platinum Pink, Salmon and Jazzy Bronze.


Mascara is used to enhance your eyelashes and make them longer. A great drugstore mascara is Almays Get Up and Grow water proof mascara. water proof mascara is good because if your like me and your eyes start to water with allergies, you don't need to worry about it running. it does tend to clump a bit but overall its a great product.

Eye Liner

Eye-liner is used to make you look like a raccoon! lol just kidding. apply eye-liner for your eyes to have awesome pop! As a beginner start with a non pencil eye-liner for easier use. The Perfect Eye Point Plus by Covergirl gives you the perfect color for your eye and easy application. mine is in the colour 210- Espresso.
Lip Gloss/ Lip Chap

I am a lip chap junkie! I have so many different brand and flavors. I know we all hate chapped lips so you should always be sure to carry a lip chap. Lip smacker is a cheap brand that has the best smelling flavours and provides excellent moisture. My favorite would have to be coconut cake. My favourite Lip chap would have to be eos (evolution of smooth).  Mine is in the scent sweet mint, but there are many other scents. It comes in the cutest  shape and i just love applying it because it goes on so smooth and effortlessly. Lip gloss is good but since your just starting out use something that is not to dramatic or vibrant. My favourite lip gloss is maybelline Shinesational. Mine is in the colour 40 Bella Berry. In the tube it looks more vibrant, but on the lips the color is not very noticeable.

And there you have it! these are just some simple makeup products to start you out but of course there are tons more! you just gave to discover your favorites!
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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nail Polish Newbie: First Blog

Hello there everyone, it's Melanie! Welcome to my first blog, speaking of firsts this blog is going to be mainly about nail polish and beauty products I buy and review. You may be wondering why I am a nail polish newbie. I am a farm girl who just got into nail polish about a month ago and love it! So please stay tuned for lots of awesome blogs!

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